The UN Security Council are going into a tizzy as US President Donald Trump is threatening to lose the nuclear arms deal between the United States and Iran that was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama. The current President has frequently criticised this deal, calling it, at different times, a “horrible” deal, “a deal that should have never been negotiated,” and the “worst deal” that has ever been made in the history of deals. So, it comes as no surprise that he’s considering scrapping the deal as a crucial deadline approaches.

A lot of officials within the UN – specifically Secretary General António Guterres – are unhappy with this.

Guterres believes that without this deal, Iran and the whole region surrounding it could suddenly become a lot more hostile and dangerous, and in an organisation that’s dedicated to keeping the world and its countries as peaceful as possible and preventing it from descending into total chaos, nobody wants that to happen. Guterres would only be happy with Trump ditching the deal if he had something even better in mind to replace it with in the immediate aftermath – and lo and behold, he does not.

The Iran deal was a landmark event for international peace

The initial deal that Obama struck with Iran that all of this fuss is about was actually seen as a monumental moment in the relations between America and Iran.

The two nations shook hands and moved closer towards peace. This deal was a small, yet vital move in the efforts towards defusing all of the tension and conflict in the Middle East. Guterres called it “an important diplomatic victory,” and said that keeping it in place would set the stage for “meaningful dialogue” with Iran.

In fact, it seems that a lot of people were happy with the deal. One of its few critics was Donald Trump, and luckily enough, he was the next guy to take up the Oval Office after Obama left.

There are a bunch of nations involved in these accords. It’s not just between America and Iran. So, even if they both cut and run, the EU are going to try and stick in the deal, as are others like Russia and China (two countries that have notoriously enjoyed to play by their own rules throughout history).

In a desperate attempt to get Iran to consider staying in the deal even if Trump decides against it, France and Germany and the UK and Italy have all sent officials to meet with their Iranian friends, but the Iranians weren’t having any of it. Trump’s comments seem to have really screwed this up. Iran are just focusing on him and what he says, and he’s driven them away.

If America leaves, Iran leaves

Essentially, if America cuts out this deal, then Iran will cut it out, too. It’s all on Trump to make this decision, so how worried you should be really all rests on how much you trust his judgement. A senior assistant to the Iranian leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has said that the country’s leadership has decided that if Trump does put the kibosh on the nuclear deal, then Iran “will not stay” in the deal.

As soon as America is gone from this deal, Iran is gone from the deal, too. And they won’t be accepting any pleas or bargains or apologies. If that’s it, that’s it, they’re saying.

Plus, Iran has promised that if America’s out, they’re out for good. Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister (so, like, their Boris Johnson), has threatened that if the deal gets scrapped by Trump and then Iran follows suit in scrapping it as a kind of payback response, then there will be no chance of renegotiating the deal. Once it’s kaput, it’s kaput for good. If America’s done with it, then Iran is done with it. That will be that. He also pledged that they “will not outsource [their] security,” so there’s that to look forward to.