Well, the plot has certainly thickened. Porn star Stormy Daniels has alleged that she was paid a $130,000 settlement by US President Donald Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen to keep her mouth shut about an affair that the two had. But then she opened her mouth anyway and told the press about it, so naturally, the President was questioned about it and he denied any knowledge of the settlement or where Cohen got the money to pay it out.

Trump was found to have lied about all that

But now, it has been revealed that he lied about that. It was Cohen who made the payment, but Trump has been paying him back for it, $35,000 at a time, under the guise of it being his wages for legal consultation.

So, Cohen has been receiving these so-called ‘wages,’ despite the fact that he’s been doing no work to earn them and it’s actually a repayment, so already there’s a lie there. And then add onto that the context of a President of the United States lying to the world.

Trump should feel lucky that the UN is berating him for his stance on the Iran nuclear deal that was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama, because it probably means that all of these lies will be swept under the rug. At the end of the day, his political actions must take precedence over the cracks in his campaign façade of an honest American man.