The announcement of US President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK happened to land on the same day as Take Your Kids to Work Day, so a crowd of children who came into the Press Room at the White House with their journalist parents were the first to hear about it. They also took the chance to grill the typically shifty and evasive Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, starting with a topical question about the recent air strikes on Syria – in the child’s words, “Why did our country bomb another country?” followed by “I made that one up by myself.”

Sanders dodged the kids’ intelligent questions.

The children were asking about how the current administration would make the education system in America better and improve their schools, or why the President fired James Comey (which has been seen as an act of obstruction of justice and therefore grounds for impeachment). Instead of honestly answering them, the Press Secretary was said to avoid the questions and kept asking each kid who their parents were.

Sanders called the kids ‘a tough crowd’

Sanders was struggling to maintain her composure as she was grilled by all of these reporters’ intelligent kids, but there’s a very important reason for this that we need to keep in mind. The kids knew exactly what questions to ask and exactly what a fake answer sounded like because they’re young and innocent and they just see good and bad, right and wrong – their minds haven’t been polluted by grey areas yet.