Home Secretary Amber Rudd has found herself being swept up in controversy over the last few days as plans have been revealed that she conceived to forcibly remove 10% or more immigrants over “the next few years.” This broke the whole Windrush scandal wide open and filled in many of the gaps in the many contradicting statements she has been making in relation to how much of a hand she played in the unfair treatment of the Windrush immigrants.

So, now, Rudd has resigned in disgrace and left the Home Office. But first, she sent a resignation letter to Prime Minister Theresa May and the latter replied with a letter that said she was “very sorry” to see the Home Secretary go and assured her that she handled the press conference that first landed her in trouble very well.

She added that anyone who entered the UK illegally should know that they will face consequences, but that those who entered the country legally and contribute to its society and economy should not have to worry.

May commends Rudd’s ‘firm but fair immigration policy’

May also praised Rudd for enforcing “a firm but fair Immigration policy” during her time in charge of the Home Office (right up to that very last thing she came up with, of course). She thanked Rudd for “tak[ing] responsibility” for her mistakes and acting on them accordingly by responding to her aides’ advice and resigning from her post.