After her deportation plans for immigration were revealed, Home Secretary Amber Rudd has been the target of so much flak and controversy that it has led her to resign from her post and leave in relative disgrace. But before all that, she did make it quite far in the treacherous game of politics, so let’s take a look back at her career. She moved through the ranks of George Osborne’s secretary to Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to Home Secretary.

Since being appointed by Theresa May, she’s had her ups and downs in office. Rudd was found guilty on three counts of contempt of court after she ignored a previous ruling and deported a man who was wanted by the Taliban, essentially throwing him to the lions.

But also, late last year, Rudd pioneered a government initiative to crack down on jihadi websites and far-right propaganda, as well as webpages that feature instructions for how to make a bomb, in an effort to prevent “radicalisation” of British people. The fight against terrorism isn’t all air strikes and hindsight – the now-former Home Secretary was looking for ways to prevent terror.

It all went downhill with the Windrush scandal

Ever since the Windrush scandal, Amber Rudd’s career has been in a very rapid downwards tailspin. She admitted to the “appalling” treatment of these immigrants and apologised for it. Within the same month, her barely feasible plans to deport a hugely increasing amount of immigrants was revealed and landed her in so much hot water that she has now resigned from her job.