The Tories want Theresa May gone. YouGov recently conducted a poll for The Times in order to determine who the Conservatives want to replace her as the leader of their party. They voted 23% for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, 19% for Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, 17% for abortion-bashing Jacob Rees-Mogg, 11% for Brexit Secretary David Davis, and just 6% for Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Imagine this as a season of “The Bachelor” – wouldn’t that be fun?

Less than one third of Tories expect May to lead the party through 2022

May has pledged that she will run in the next General Election, although she doesn’t have enough backing from her party to actually do that.

There’s less than one third of the Conservative Party members who want her to stick around as the party’s leader until 2022, and around 40% of them are hoping that she’ll quit her position right after the Brexit button is pushed in 2019.

Also, the poll seems to indicate that there’s a division on the Brexit matter among the Conservative Party amid the wider division that it’s caused among the entire country. This is shown through the Brexit views of the politicians who the people who voted in the poll want to be the party leader. Johnson was supported by 10% of Remain-voting party members, while Davidson was backed by 14% of their Leave voters.