In a move that is shocking and yet will surprise nobody, US President Donald Trump has decided to send the full force of the US military to the southern border between the United States and Mexico. The other day, he was complaining that, thanks to the Democratic Party’s filibuster in which they’re trying to save the rights of “dreamer” immigrants and secure a DACA deal, the agents in charge of border patrol can’t do their jobs properly.

So, now, as a reported “caravan” of asylum seekers is apparently headed for the US/Mexico border in order to immigrate into the States, Trump says that they will be “doing things militarily” and handing the border patrol duties over to the US military.

Yikes! If that caravan is real, it’s in trouble. This is the President’s latest move to show that he means business in his fight to abolish Immigration – particularly from Mexico – into the United States. This is a continuation of the President’s rants about Mexico and illegal immigration from the other day.

Trump said that his sending of a military force down to the southern border – the same border upon which he expects to build a large wall at some point in his Presidency – would be a “big step” in his fight against immigration. He has also threatened to slash the US aid to Honduras, and to get rid of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he called Mexico’s “cash cow,” if the country’s government didn’t join the effort to reduce the flow of immigrants into America.

Trump wouldn’t be the first President to deploy military at the Mexican border

Usually, the US/Mexico border, including the Rio Grande River, is secured and policed by US Border Patrol (obviously), but now that Trump is stepping it up a notch, the military will be taking over. This would not be the first time that this has happened.

The two Presidents who came before Trump have sent the National Guard down to the border to take care of business. Barack Obama sent approximately 1,200 troops down to the border, while George W. Bush sent about 6,000 soldiers down there to assist Border Patrol with an initiative called Operation Jump Start.

The supposed “caravan” of migrants on their way to the United States are headed in a northern direction from down in Central America, and Trump has been angrily tweeting about them for days – three days and counting, so far.

He tweeted that the “Caravan of People,” as he calls it, is on its way to America’s “‘weak laws’ border,” and that it had “better be stopped before it gets there.” He added that “Congress MUST ACT NOW” on stricter border and immigration laws.

Trump accuses Democrats of allowing ‘open borders, drugs, and crime’ in America

As the topic of illegal immigration has been on Trump’s mind in the past few days, he has spoken out on Twitter to angrily accuse the Democratic Party of allowing “open borders,” which has allowed for “drugs and crime” to enter America. So, how big is this “caravan?” According to Fox News – who first put the word “caravan” into Trump’s head and started off this whole nightmare – there are around 1,100 immigrants on their way to the US involved in this thing.

They’re mostly Honduran people.

According to certain news reports, when this group of people got to Mexico, they faced some tough decisions, since word had gotten out about them, the US military were on there way to stop them, and their story was all over Fox News. The Mexican government have reported that 400 of the immigrants in this caravan have turned back and gone home, while the rest are pondering whether or not to seek asylum in Mexico instead of pressing on to the US. They’ve currently found salvation in a football field.