US President Donald Trump is yet again demanding that the Democratic Party give up their hopes of guaranteeing the human rights of “dreamer” immigrants – i.e. the ones who were little kids when their undocumented parents brought them to the United States, so they didn’t have any say in the matter and grew up American – and angrily criticised some of the more liberal laws that the US government have allowed to pass through over the years.

The Democrats have been hoping to make a deal with Trump and his Republican Party lawmakers on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, better known as DACA.

But now, the President has tweeted against that deal in all caps – “NO MORE Daca DEAL” – dashing any hopes of a liberal policy getting through. Those talks have been on hold while each party reassesses its argument in the matter, and in that time, the guys in charge of border patrol haven’t had any idea what to do. Trump tweeted that the patrol agents down at the US/Mexico border have not been able to “properly do their job” during this filibuster.

In a lengthy tweet that included some aggressive all-caps sentiments (these types of sentiments are not uncommon for the President’s tweets), Trump slammed “liberal (Democrat) laws,” calling them “ridiculous.” Now, while the term “liberal (Democrat) laws” is very subtle, it can be interpreted as an underhanded jab at his opposing party, the left-wing Democratic Party.

It’s a stretch, but that could be what he’s talking about.

Trump criticises the Democrats’ ‘catch and release’ policy

Trump cited the Democratic Party’s “catch and release” policy as an example of these so-called “ridiculous” policies. This was a policy that the Democrats pushed through that ensured fair rights for immigrants, and it was quickly shut down by the George W.

Bush administration in the early 2000s. The President then went on to say that America is becoming “more dangerous” in the wake of lax Democratic Immigration laws.

Later on in his tweet, Trump said that his Republican Party now has no choice but to resort to their “nuclear option” in order to get their “tough” immigration legislation passed in Congress “NOW.” There he goes again with the all caps.

You have to hand it to him, it does get the point across and you hear the volume of yelling in your head, even if it’s written. This angry, anti-immigration tweet came after the President sent out an Easter greeting to the nation, and this marked somewhat of a contrast in tone, since this tweet was not very much in keeping with the Easter spirit.

Trump is threatening to shut down the NAFTA

After Trump’s big, scary “NO MORE DACA DEAL” tweet, he sent out a further two posts in which he threatening to shut down the NAFTA (short for the North American Free Trade Agreement). He called this the “cash cow” of Mexico, and said that he would be stripped it for parts, so to speak, if the immigration rates coming from Mexico don’t start to drastically drop.

The President theorised that “big flows of people” from Mexico are coming into America across the southern border “to take advantage of DACA.”

Trump accused the Mexican government of “doing very little, if not NOTHING” in the fight to stop the flow of Mexican immigrants into the southern region of the United States. The President, ever the conspiracy theorist, said that he fears that down there in Mexico, the politicians and the potential immigrants “laugh at our dumb immigration laws. He concluded, with incorrect grammar, “NEED WALL!” When will he let the border wall policy go? It may have helped to win him the election with southern votes, but he’s been told that it’s not feasible.