War clouds are on the horizon in the Middle East after the recent chlorine gas attack allegedly by president Assad. The American president Donald Trump has threatened punishment. In this, he is behaving like a headmaster of a school but there is a difference because his opponents are not school children but a professional Army led by Russia with both conventional and nuclear capability. Trump has promised a missile attack to punish Assad and the British Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to back the Americans and most likely will join the attack by the United States.

Theresa May is acting like a cheerleader but she does not know the consequences of her actions. The Washington Times has reported that after Trumps treat, tensions have risen.


One year back Trump had launched a missile attack on Syria. The attack achieved nothing and Assad continues to be in power. In fact, he is now the de facto ruler of entire Syria.

Trump has to realize that the situation is not what it was like in 1945 when president Harry Truman launched atomic bombs over Japan without fear of retaliation as the Japanese never had any A-bombs.


Trumps attempt to bomb Syria along with cheerleader Theresa May could backfire badly. In case there are Russian casualties the Russians could retaliate and it could very well lead to a nuclear exchange and that could be the beginning of World War III.

Where does the UK stand in all this? Nikita Khrushchev the Soviet leader had once said that it would take just 5 H-bombs to wipe England from the world map. Russia could still survive and so could America but Theresa May if she goes the whole hog with the Americans could endanger the English Nation


There is a need for moderation at the present time.

The western powers have tried to cage Russia and destroy it with sanctions and expulsions. The Russians are incensed and many observers feel they will this time not allow the Americans to have their way in Syria. A nuclear exchange is something Trump doesn't understand. He is a naive person who once made a silly comment during the election campaign as to why the Americans had nuclear weapons if they were not being used.

Such statement shows that president Donald Trump has no comprehension of a nuclear war. The British Prime Minister Theresa May would be well advised not to Tango with the United States and Trump on Syria. Syria is not a concern to the UK and the British attempt to show that it is a great power in the world will come to a cropper. It should also be noted that apart from the Western Powers all the powers of Asia, Africa, and South America have not supported America on Syria. Theresa May be well advised to look inwards at the state of affairs in the UK, then to try and pretend to be a great world power