Great Britain was at one time the omnipotent power in the world. The British Empire covered all corners of the globe. The Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire was India but all this was seven decades back and now Great Britain is but a shadow of its old self. Despite this, they still think of themselves as one of the great powers of the world as can be seen by the way they have reacted against Russia. 23 Russian diplomats have been expelled on the charge that they were spies. BBC has reported that this action was taken after the British Cabinet was convinced that a Russian defector had been poisoned to death by Russian intelligence.

A washed out power

Russia has denied the allegations but the question is why Britain is making hue and cry about the death of the Russian, whose security was the responsibility of her majesties government? The sole purpose is to try and convince the world that Britain is a great power. The reality, however, is entirely different. Britain has left the EU as it felt like a fish out of water with Germany having become the dominant power.

British power rests on the back of the USA and it will not be wrong to say that Britain rides Piggyback on Uncle Sam. The action against Russia came after 32 years after the end of the cold war when in 1985 Britain expelled 31 Russian diplomats. It didn't have an effect on Russia at that time and the sanctions and expulsion of diplomats will also meet the same fate.

In the world of spies, such assassinations are part of the game and the CIA and MI5 have also indulged in it. The failure to safeguard a defector who the British knew would be targeted by the Russians is an unpardonable lapse. Taking action against Russia is not going to have any meaning as Britain compared to Russia, is a puny power.

The reality

One is reminded of a statement by the Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev that all it will take is five H-bombs and Great Britain will cease to exist on the world map. Its about time the British came to terms with their status. They are no longer a world power and action to show off one's might is a pretense.

The Russian spy who had defected reportedly betrayed many Russian agents in the West and it was known he was a marked man.

No intelligence agency can allow such a defector to continue to enjoy the fruits of betrayal. It is similar to actions by the CIA. It's not something that cannot happen. In such a scenario the British should have given round-the-clock security or better, sent him to the USA. The present action is like a country trying to assert its past grandeur.