theresa MAY has blamed Russia for the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury. Furthermore, it has been released that since the EU referendum, the Conservatives have received £800,000 in donations from Russian oligarchs. But why was Jeremy Corbyn jeered and booed for pointing this out?

The idea that a politician was booed and then accused of political point scoring by those who were using it to score political points, for making a valid point over the potential conflict of interest over the alleged spy poisoning, is an absurd idea.

Poison politics

Corbyn made a valid point because Theresa May has accused the Russian government of either complicity and conspiracy to kill someone in another sovereign state or incompetence over their ability to contain a deadly nerve agent. Those strong words must be met with strong retribution if those claims are provably true. But the money received by May since becoming PM and leader of the Conservatives does not look good in anyway shape or form for the PM and her party. Corbyn also got jeered for suggesting reasonable dialogue should be the first course of action, does this mean the Conservatives are actively looking to start a war?

The money would first have to have provable links to the Russian government, which one of the donors has significant influence with Putin and is an ally of the dictator.

The money is directly linked to Putin himself, couple that with the evidence that they influenced public opinion over Brexit and are currently being investigated in the US. If there is a provable link between the poisoning and the Russian government, then May has to be tough but with significant donations made, including £300,000 from someone close to Putin, for an evening with Defence Minister and former chief whip, Gavin Williamson, this would prove difficult for May to do be able to be objective.

Russia has since blamed Britain, but what is not being reported is the state of the Middle-East due to colonial agendas by Britain and allies, who face similar opposition from Russia and allies. Both are supporting different factions to gain power for oil and economic advantage, along with geopolitical advantages over their rivals.

However, May’s Blame Game, which could be risky is most likely a PR exercise to look strong because it is going to be almost impossible to conclusively prove that Russia did do it and even if they could, I doubt they want to, unless it is an excuse to use military action to force Russia out of the Middle-East.