Whilst the Conservatives and their media friends attempt to distract the public with faux-Jeremy Corbyn stories and attempts to start a war with Russia, they are quietly selling off more Social Housing to private developers and three top barristers have concluded that there is a possible Case for criminal prosecutions over alleged cheating in the EU referendum 2 years ago.

Furthermore, polling company YouGov has come under fire for polling whether benefit claimants should be allowed to vote and the NHS pay-rise is nothing more than a farce.

Housing and Brexit

Around £7.2million in stock of social housing to be sold with 1 in 10 of the lots in the auction, which is to be hosted by Savills, will be social housing along with other privately own properties. 14 of the lots are being sold by Housing Associations, 6 by Councils. The properties are in areas such as Croydon, Camberwell and Harlesden, which have more than 7,000 families in temporary housing and 104 people sleeping on the streets. Tenants opposed to the social cleansing of city centres will protest outside an auction at a luxury hotel where property developers and private landlords will bid.

A 46-page legal opinion prepared by a trio of barristers has been handed to the Electoral Commission, which is already looking into allegations of rule-breaking, with a call to investigate whether the law was broken.

This comes after a whistle-blower has alleged claims that Vote Leave used BeLeave to spend more than the £7 million limit they were given by the Electoral Commission. In response to these allegations, On Friday, the whistle-blower, Shahmir Sanni was outed as gay by Stephen Parkinson, one of May’s closest advisers and a former Vote Leave official, with whom Sanni had a relationship during the campaign.

It could be said this was wrong for two reasons, firstly, it had nothing to do with Brexit and secondly, it might be considered an attempt by the aide to use another person’s sexuality as a slur to delegitimise his accusations, which is unacceptable in this day and age.

NHS pay rise and YouGov

The government is set to offer around 1 million NHS staff a 6.5% pay rise over the next three years but is insisting that health workers give up a day’s holiday in return for the £3.3bn deal.

But the numbers don’t add up once you look into the detail, the pay rise scale is said to be somewhere between 6.3 to 29%, however, no-one will see 29% and most will receive less than the 6.3% and this is down to the way they have artificially inflated the figures.

Doctor Oxford, helpfully posted a detail analysis of the ‘pay rise’ using the sources he stated in a blog post, the “Framework Agreement for the proposed reform of NHS pay,” which is posted in the public domain by Health Service Journal journalist, Shaun Lintern and the current 2017-18 NHS England Agenda for Change pay scales. He goes on to explain how “the government has artificially inflated the alleged pay rises by including annual, incremental pay awards that staff would have already received (on their existing pay scales) in recognition of skill and experience accrued over time.”

Polling company YouGov has come under fire after asking whether benefit claimants should be allowed to vote.

The company, which is owned by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi and former Conservative PPC Stephen Shakespeare, asked users to “please say whether you think each of the following groups should or should not be allowed to vote in General Elections in the UK.” The list included non-British citizens living in the UK, British citizens currently serving jail terms, 16 and 17-year olds, and lastly, “those who receive more money from welfare benefits than they pay in taxes.”