ISIS have been back in the news recently as a new report has been published about the emergency services’ response to Salman Abedi’s suicide bombings at an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena last May – and we’re coming up on the first anniversary of the attack. As always, it’s interesting to see what US President Donald Trump has to say about a trending topic, whether you agree with it or not (most likely not, given his track record).

Recently at his State of the Union address, Trump said that his administration intentions are to team up with his country’s “allies” (we’re one of them) with the aim “to extinguish ISIS from the face of the Earth.” He then added that he was “proud to report” that “100%” of the areas in Syria and Iraq that were being dominated by the Islamic State Terrorist Group have been “liberated” by his administration and their work.

Trump admits ‘much more work to be done’ before ISIS are crushed

However, despite these apparent triumphs and all that “100%” talk, Trump also admitted that there is still “much more work to be done” before the terrorist group have been totally eradicated from, in the President’s words, “the face of the Earth.” This follows on from a massive anti-ISIS campaign that was headed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama.