All across America recently, the March For Our Lives protests have been taking place. Hundreds of rallies across the United States have seen some of the victims of the Florida school shooting, some of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, some famous people, and thousands of other protestors appear to March and speak out.

Protestors at the March For Our Lives rallies have been holding up picket signs to get their message out there, that the US gun laws need to change to accommodate stricter gun control. In order to enforce their meaning, some of the protestors have opted to include biting satire or powerful messages on their signs.

One of them says, “There should be a Background Check before the NRA is allowed to buy a Senator.” This is a reference to the NRA’s influence on the US government, particularly the Republican Party of US President Donald Trump.

Some signs really make you think

Another sign is riddled with holes and says, “The number of bullet holes in this poster are the number that can be shot in the time it takes to read it.” Once you get to the end of the poster and realise its meaning and you’ve taken less than ten seconds to read it, that’s what gives it its impact. This is powerful stuff, and hopefully it can inspire the necessary legislative change.