The saga produced by the firm Akira Toriyama breaks with all the paradigms seen so far in the field of cartoons.The energies of the Dragon Ball Super tournament became more and more intense, but few people imagined seeing the sacrifice of a strong warrior who always fought to save the universe 7.

An unforgettable chapter

They were missing some episodes to finish the Animated Series and, in spite of being three warriors against one (Goku, Vegeta and Android 17), they were in serious difficulties and were about to be defeated by their rival.

Jiren, the evil enemy allows you to see his dark past and his true intention when participating in the tournament.

Strong and superior to the warriors, he was about to defeat Goku, who survived thanks to the action of 17.

The great sacrifice

In an unexpected act that the fans of the series will never forget, 17 decides to sacrifice his life to save the members of his team.

The number 17 decided to show his human side, leaving as a legacy of two famous phrases: "I left my cruise, they should thank me" and "Sacrifice for others, I like a little the human". After having saved Goku and Vegeta, Android 17 has become one of the most admired characters by fans.

The fans moved

The fans reacted quickly to the sad episode, even posted comments to express their views, some according to what happened and even the hope that Goku returns the favour to 17 to win the tournament and others with strong criticism for the insidious end of the Warrior.

As soon as Chapter 127 of Dragon Ball Super ended, the fans of the animated series expressed their opinions through a wave of memes posted on different social networks, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Expectations of the next chapter

The uncertainty of the fans of the animated show in chapter 128 of Dragon Ball Super, entitled Pride, in the end, the fall of Vegeta, increases the rumours and perspectives before the possible death of the great prince of the Saiyajins, something that causes an incredible power in Goku.

Regardless of the end of the story, this character has earned the respect of the fans for his spectacular performance, his degree of perseverance and participation strategy at the time of the battles.

The followers of Dragon Ball Super are waiting for the final that contains this part of the Japanese saga most seen for generations in Colombia and without a doubt the beginning of a new story as soon as possible.