At the end of December 2017, rumors began to circulate that The company would voluntarily manipulate the operation of the old iPhones through the iOS updates.

Apple has been sued by groups of citizens and organizations in the United States, users who ensure low performance in the operation of their devices.

People in charge of the investigation?

The government of the United States is investigating whether Apple violated the law by doing a software update that reduced the power of some models. They have been accused of slowing down the performance of their hardware.

Both the Department Of Justice and the Stock Exchange and Securities Commission of the country studied whether Apple infringed consumer laws and the protection of citizens with the alteration of software.

Answers of the company.

Apple has recognized that it took this decision so that the batteries of its previous iPhone lasted more time, sacrificed the yield in exchange for extending its life in each load. The update released at the beginning of 2017 did not specify which models it would affect.

The company expressed an apology for making the decision and not communicating it clearly, without giving options to consumers. He explained that deceleration occurs when the battery begins to deteriorate.

He ended up admitting that he did it, but not to sell new iPhones, but to solve the failures caused by degraded batteries to the terminal's useful life, always thinking of providing a good service to its customers.

They emphasize that their goal has always been to create quality products and satisfaction for their customers, that means designing the iPhone to last as long as possible.

This misunderstanding caused by the company's lack of assertive communication is taking its toll.

Possible solutions.

One of the alternatives is to replace the software that slows down and lowers the performance of the mobile device.

He offered to sell in his stores a new battery for $29 dollars, $50 less than the usual price.

In addition to this, it offers its consumers the possibility to choose between the battery life or the power in its functionality and promises new features in the operating system in its next version 11.3.

It is considering reimbursing part of the money to the users who paid for the change of their battery. In case the initiative progresses, it will be applied to the users who paid the sum before the company offered the discount since it accepted that it slows down the previous smartphones.