Robert Mueller may just be our only hope for bringing down US President Donald Trump. Mueller is in charge of the FBI probe that’s investigating the possible links between the former “Apprentice” star’s 2016 Presidential campaign and the Russian government. Trump himself has vehemently denied any links, despite the fact that his son was caught having met with a Russian lawyer in order to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton that he could use in his father’s campaign and a number of Trump staffers confessing to Mueller that they did have ties to the Russian government and had lied to the federal government about it.

According to one of Trump’s closest friends, he was apparently considering firing Mueller, shortly after he had fired James Comey, the Director of the CIA (which, by the way, is everyone’s best bet at grounds for impeachment, since it’s technically obstruction of justice). However, he didn’t do that – probably got some good advice from a level-headed aide – so Mueller is still working the case, he’s still kicking ass and taking names, and now, he wants an interview with the President himself to really get to the bottom of things.

It’s ‘Robert Mueller’s Day On’

If you imagine “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” except it’s “Robert Mueller’s Day On,” and Mueller takes the place of Ferris and Trump takes the place of the school principal who’s chasing him through the city, then you might have some idea of the Tom and Jerry-esque relationship that the two share.

Mueller is working away, gathering all this dirt to present to the Supreme Court, while Trump is desperately scrambling to stop him and getting attacked by dogs and losing his shoes to piles of wet mud in the process. It’s very amusing to watch, but Mueller also has a very good reason for doing it – he wants to make sure that the sitting President of the United States was elected democratically by the people and that he hasn’t committed any treason (and he doesn’t like what he’s found so far).

Trump’s lawyers have been declining to comment on this situation, but the President has continued to deny that his campaign had any collusion with Russia (even though it’s literally been proven that it had at least a small collusion, because of the Trump, Jr. thing). His lawyers have been very eager, however, to comment on Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” They tried to get the publishing house to call off the book’s release, which ended up getting the publication date moved forward, so hah.

When Trump gave an impromptu interview to the New York Times, one of his least favourite newspapers, he managed to fit in the words “no collusion” a grand total of sixteen times over the course of the 30 minutes that the interview lasted for. But there obviously is a collusion, because Donald Trump, Jr. met a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign trail in order to get “dirt” on his father’s closest rival – dirt that she didn’t even have!

There are no details about the interview as of yet

At the moment, the Mueller investigators’ interview with Trump is but a mere prospect, with no firm date set, so there aren’t any major details to report. However, Mueller’s people are talking with Trump’s people to try and make something happen and arrange this thing.

If Mueller manages to pull this off, then he could crack this whole thing wide open. An interview with Trump, under oath, would determine once and for all whether the President did collude with Russia. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe it’s all hearsay and Trump just has a very idiotic son. But there is that chance that all these rumours are true, and if Mueller landed an interview with Trump, he could find out definitively if that is true.