A Labour activist has come forward to discuss the sexual abuse they suffered in the party.

The Labour supporter, whose identity has been kept secret, told Blasting News there is lots of abuse in the Labour Party, ranging from physical abuse to verbal abuse being conducted online.

"It is essentially a kangaroo court"

They said: "I was sexually assaulted whilst I was drinking. I came forward to the Labour Party. But it is difficult to go through the process to ensure your complaint is taken seriously. It is essentially a kangaroo court. Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) panel members decide if the complaint is forwarded to the Complaints Panel.

"This makes it difficult to come forward. However, it is much easier to come forward to them than the police. I am grateful for the support the Labour Party has provided me with."

The activist said they were not going to complain about the sexual assault they endured, but they felt they could not allow the candidate to become successful in being selected to stand for election. They told Blasting News the candidate was unsuccessful, but that is because they were not selected by the party's membership.

The candidate was also popular with the Momentum wing of the Labour Party and they tried to appeal to Corbyn supporters to get selected.

The Labour member welcomed Labour MP Jess Phillips' efforts to reform the party's complaints procedure.

"The complaints process is broken"

They said the complaints process is broken. According to the Labour supporter, they had to write a complaint about the person who sexually assaulted them, who then had to provide a statement in response to the accusation.

A small NEC panel interviews each individual before another NEC panel decides to forward the complaint to a disputes panel.

They added: "It is unnecessary to go through so many processes. It must be less stressful."

The Labour activist also discussed the toxic culture in the party right now. They were told that because they were on the 'Blairite' wing of the party, they should not be a Labour member at all.

They added: "This goes against what it means to be in a political party.

Labour's problems seemed to be aired much more than the Conservative Party's, who do a better job at hiding their divisions, as do other parties.

"Many members are aggressive and forthcoming"

"Many members are aggressive and forthcoming. So many of them are not willing to listen. There is a big group of members filled with ultimate hate towards those who do not like Jeremy Corbyn. They are only interested in ultimate control of the party. Hundreds of thousands of new members have changed the direction of the Labour Party."

The activist said they were a former Corbyn supporter, but they left Momentum because many of their members refuse to campaign for Blairites.

They added: "One member was assaulted because they disagreed with them for campaigning for a local candidate.

I joined Progress, which is a more moderate group in Labour."

Because of the Labour member's former sympathies with Corbyn and their support for New Labour, they see themselves as a 'voice of reason' between both sides of the Labour Party.

They added: "There are many members in the Labour Party who hate more moderate activists. But they are not interested in getting Labour into government. They are nothing but a hindrance to the party. They make many activists feel like they should not be in the party at all.

"I find it all very tiring. I work very hard for the party and I would love to be a candidate myself. However, I feel like my work isn't good enough because I do not support Jeremy Corbyn.

I always get called 'Blairite scum.' People will hate me because of my views, despite all of my work."

Momentum has also attracted criticism from MPs from all sides of the political spectrum. Before Christmas, Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed by a select committee, where Labour MP Chuka Umuna asked the Labour Leader why he will not disband Momentum. Mr. Corbyn refused to condemn them.