Last Week In Politics has seen Toby Young resign from his role on the board of the Conservatives new Office for Students (OfS), Nigel Farage has stated that he is not against the idea of a 2nd referendum, Virgin Trains announced they would no longer be selling the Daily Mail on their trains, much to the disappointment of the fascist sympathisers and supporters. The Conservative government have tried to claim credit for legislation brought in by the much-demonised EU.

In the world, Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to the UK, Egypt have been accused of covertly supporting Trump’s Jerusalem claim.

Plus, Israel continue to push for the eradication of Palestine. Iran have stated they reject any amendment to the 2015 nuclear deal.

UK news

Toby Young resigned from his position on the board of the Conservatives new OfS, this came just before it was revealed that he had attended and spoke at a secret eugenics conference that is invitation only. Previous topics have previously included speculation that racial “admixture” has a negative effect on population quality, that racial hormones explain Nobel Prize winners, and three separate men presenting on why women are supposedly innately less intelligent. Furthermore, fellow presenter, Emil Kirkegaard, defended paedophilia suggesting that drugging the child before sex might be a “compromise” as they were unlikely to know it had happened and therefore wouldn’t be harmed.

The OfS itself is yet more corporatisation of our education system, and despite its name, the regulator has just one student on its board. The board also, ridiculously, contains 5 members who have significant links to massive corporations with far from impeccable records, such as HSBC, Credit Suisse and Boots.

Nigel Farage has been in the news a lot this week, first he claimed that Virgin Trains deciding to not sell the Daily Mail was restricting freedom of speech and called it a ban, this is an absurd notion, read more here.

But perhaps interestingly he has now stated that he wouldn’t be against a 2nd EU referendum, why the change of tune? The reality is simple, Nigel Farage has realised that he is irrelevant and unless he has the EU to blame for everything, he will no longer be in the limelight, it is why after the Brexit vote, he swanned off to America and casually made a nest up Donald Trump’s backside.

Michael Gove and Theresa May have been singing from the rooftops about the extending the ban on plastics sold in supermarkets. In 2014, the European Parliament held a vote on reducing disposable plastic waste in supermarkets with the Conservative MPs voting against it and demanding a load of concessions in the process. The legislation was passed in 2015, which means by 2019, the annual consumption level does not exceed 90 lightweight bags per person and 40 per person by 2025 or alternatively, not to be given for free at stores and sales points by the end of 2018. This month they have announced a ‘new’ policy of clamping down on disposable plastic bag waste. The above EU legislation became what we know as the 5p charge on plastic bags and the extension, along with the charge, is EU policy and not Conservative policy.

News of the world

Donald Trump has decided against his UK visit fearing that he would not receive the red-carpet treatment from the British public. Furthermore, he also claims he doesn’t like the new embassy and blames Obama for ‘selling’ it, even though it was sold prior Obama’s election in 2008. It is also reported that the strained relationship between the US and the UK played an important role in his decision.

Iran have stated that they reject any amendments made to the 2015 nuclear deal made with the US, Trump said that this is the final time they would waive the sanctions if the flaws aren’t fixed. Russia have stated that this could be one of the biggest foreign policy mistakes made by the US government.

Egypt have been accused of carrying out Trump’s agenda in Israel after they have appeared to use 4 popular TV personalities to push the idea of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration as a positive step for the country. Israel meanwhile continue their attempts to eradicate Palestine by bombing a goods crossing between Gaza and Israel, they claimed to target terrorist infrastructure when the reality is that they have targeted a crossing that hinders the Palestinian’s abilities to get food supplies.