VIRGIN TRAINS came under fire this week after they announced that they would stop selling the Daily Mail, stating for moral reasons over LGBT rights. The Daily Mail have often printed articles that have been detrimental to the issue of civic rights for those within the LGBT community, often resulting in an increase of intolerance towards the community. Many of those on right have denounced the decision as 'restriction on freedom of speech'.

Nigel Farage has openly criticised the decision by calling it a ban, but the reality is much more simplistic.

The word 'ban' used by Farage is important in what kind of agenda he is actively forcing on the public.

Creating a false equivalence

The outrage over Virgin Trains no longer selling the Daily Mail is absurd. There are calls that it is restricting freedom of speech and with no hint of irony, Nigel Farage is calling it a ban. Saying that a ban “solves nothing”, despite previously calling for bans on several things, including burkas. Using the term 'ban' is no mistake, even though they aren't banning it, just refusing to sell it. You won't be searched prior boarding in case you have one on you.

Farage has used the term 'ban' to create a sense of extreme restriction on society imposed by an authority and equating this supposed ban to anyone on the left, in turn allows those who are of fascist orientation to create a False Equivalence to anyone who resides any aspect to their ideology on the left.

By continuing the anti-establishment and anti-elite rhetoric, he uses this idea of the metropolitan liberal elite imposing their ideals on people, despite Richard Branson being a Conservative supporter and donor. He then extends that to anyone left of Branson as an oppressive force, thereby creating a false equivalence.

Jeremy Corbyn has stated that no newspaper will be banned when Labour nationalise them.

But anyone on the right who denounce this as a restriction of freedom of speech are wrong, because they are a private company and can choose what newspapers they will sell or not. That's them using their freedom of expression.