At this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Oprah Winfrey pledged that she would be running for the white house in the 2020 Presidential election, running as a Democratic candidate against current US President Donald Trump. Not only would Oprah have more of a chance of winning than The Donald’s previous rival Hillary Clinton, because a lot more people like Oprah, but it would also be a more interesting Presidential election race than ever before.

Who knew that the 2016 election race could be topped for excitement?

The 2016 US Presidential election race was certainly the most exciting one there has ever been.

No one had any idea who would win, the Democratic candidate had her emails hacked and leaked to the world, the Republican candidate was a TV celebrity with no political background whatsoever who had years of historical sexual assaults exposed a month before the election, there was a possible collusion with Russia to tweak the results, and in the end, the reality TV star who wanted to ban Muslims and put up a wall between the US and Mexico actually won.

But 2020 could be even more exciting if the Democratic candidate is another TV celebrity with no political background at all. It would be two billionaires from the TV fighting for control of the Oval Office. When Oprah made the announcement, Trump shrugged it off and nonchalantly said, “Yeah, I can beat Oprah.” Well, this would be interesting, to say the least.