Moon Jae-in, the President of South Korea, has given credit to US President Donald Trump for the recent conversations that have been taking place between the top brass in the South and the top brass in the regime of their volatile, nuke-toting neighbours North Korea. According to the South Korean leader, when Trump warned North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his regime in Pyongyang that they would receive official sanctions and international pressure if they continued with their regular intercontinental ballistic missile tests, he set the political stage for discussions between the two neighbouring Korean nations to take place.

President Moon’s speech in which he gave Trump credit for the discussions came just one day after such discussions took place. Officials from both the North Korean and South Korean governmental bodies met yesterday for the first time in over two years. Today, Moon is suggesting that pressures from the United States government over the last twelve months under President The Donald have been what helped to bring them together for diplomatic negotiations.

‘I think President Trump deserves big credit’

Moon said that Trump “deserves big credit” for being the one who brought together the two sides of Korea for what the South Korean leader called “inter-Korean talks,” and he said that he wanted to publicly display his “gratitude.” Moon told a bunch of journalists in his capital city of Seoul that the recent discussions between the North and the South “could be the result” of America’s sanctions and pressures against Kim Jong-un.

Now, Donald Trump has been commended for something and he’s been offered gratitude and he’s been given credit for something good that has happened – do you expect him to show some humility? This is President Trump that we’re talking about, remember? The guy who, just the other day, tweeted that he was a “very stable genius” who is “like, really smart.” It’s not even like he waited to receive credit before bragging about getting these talks together.

He claimed credit for it long before President Moon gave it to him. Trump said, “If I weren’t involved...they’d be doing no talking.”

These talks between the North and South Koreas weren’t even about anything that could diffuse the nuclear crisis or anything like that. The disarmament of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal was not mentioned.

The testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles with the aim of creating a weapon that could destroy a major American city from North Korean soil was not mentioned. It was simply a discussion of whether or not North Korean athletes would be taking part in the Winter Olympics next month. But it’s a start.

Moon trying to ease US worries about South Korea relationship

There had been fears recently within Washington that the recent discussions taking place between the North and South Koreas would present an obstacle for the delicate relationship between Moon’s government in Seoul and Trump’s in America. So, Moon is kissing Trump’s bottom to ease these worries. President Moon is the first South Korean leader in a series of three to be more liberally open to a discussion with North Korea’s regime.

The Winter Olympics will open in early February (the 9th, to be exact) in the city of Pyeongchang, and North Korea has, after the discussions in Seoul, agreed to send the Games a large delegation. Another great thing happened at the North/South Korea talks. They’ve agreed to hold discussions about their military forces as a way of trying to avoid any potential accidental conflict on the border between the North and the South.