US President Donald Trump has long been an avid supporter of the Fox News Channel and specifically its morning show, “Fox and Friends.” After website Mediaite called “Fox and Friends” the Most Influential in News Media for 2017, Trump reiterated this by tweeting that it had been named “the most influential show in news.” However, “most influential” does not necessarily mean it’s the best show in news.

‘Fox and Friends’ beat out Rachel Maddow and Jeff Zucker, because the President likes Fox

Mediaite explained that “Fox and Friends” was named the “most influential” show, because Trump watches it and then spends the whole day tweeting about “whatever they cover” and “however they cover it.” The site’s most influential list also included MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Matt Drudge, Fox News star Sean Hannity, and CNN boss Jeff Zucker.

However, because the nation has Fox’s news coverage shoved down their throats every day by Trump, they were named the most influential.

Trump obviously skimmed that part, because he tweeted a congratulations message to “Fox and Friends,” saying that its producers and stars “deserve it” and that “the many Fake News Hate Shows” should follow their “formula” to be more successful. Right. Tom Brokaw, the long-time NBC anchorman, said that Fox News Channel is “on a jihad” and that their manipulative, narrow-minded coverage is polluting the American mindset. Brokaw concluded that the US media outlets are “at war.”