A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has attacked Labour Leave's plans to debate those wishing to overturn last year's EU Referendum result.

They are organising a public debate to directly challenge those wishing to overturn Brexit. The pro-Brexit group are planning to hold the event in Central London next year, making entry free for everybody to attend the spectacle.

Councillor Brendan Chilton, the Ashford Council Labour Leader and Director of Labour Future, tweeted: "In the new year, we will be challenging those seeking to overturn the referendum result to an open debate in Central London.

Open to everyone. Free. Details to follow. We will not stand by and watch our democracy be taken from us."

Adrian Gee-Turner, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for former First Minister Damian Green's Ashford constituency, accused Labour Leave and Ukip of demonising people.

"We will deal with the mess Brexiteers have created"

He added: "The people he is trying to demonise are those with the solutions to deal with his mess. Councillor Brendan Chilton is an ideologue. He does not know his a**e from his elbow. We will deal with the mess Brexiteers have created."

Eddy Barrows, Chairman of Ashford UKIP, said Councillor Chilton gave his party one-hundred per cent support during the EU Referendum.

He added: "In June last year, the people made it quite plain that they wanted a country completely severed from EU control and free to enjoy the self-determination for which it had fought for in two world wars and which had endured for many centuries until 1974.

"Whilst having concern about sensible no-strings cooperation with our neighbours after leaving, any suggestion of a legally binding formal partnership will, I am sure, be eyed very suspiciously by those who wanted their country back."

"There was no majority for Brexit"


Gee-Turner hit back at Labour Leave's and UKIP's criticisms towards pro-EU campaigners. He said: "There was lots of misinformation during the original referendum and there was no majority for Brexit. That argument has been had a million times. Nothing was said about the type of Brexit people were voting for during the referendum.

"We held a pre-Brexit meeting and invited Damian Green, the Chairman of the Socialist Trade Unions Alliance, the current UKIP Leader Henry Bolton and a Liberal Democrat remainer to speak. Mr. Bolton said 'nobody in UKIP wants to come out of the Customs Union', but he changed his tune and decided that leaving the Customs Union was UKIP policy.

"Even if you speak to avid Leavers, they want to stay in the Customs Union."

Mr. Barrows said he led an eight month "Ashford Out" campaign following the confirmation date of the referendum and clarified that the vast majority of people were well aware that the intentions of the EU's founding fathers was always to create a monolithic European superstate.

He described the founding fathers as a "self-perpetuating group of autocrats and this would mean the end of Britain as a sovereign state."

"Leaving the EU whilst remaining a member of the Customs Union is the best place to be"

Mr. Gee-Turner said none of the options post-Brexit are ideal. The Liberal Democrat said leaving the EU whilst remaining a member of the Customs Union is the best place to be. He dismissed the "Norway option" as the "worst of the worst."

He added: "It was always going to end up like this. Many Leavers I've spoken to have said if it was going to be so traumatic, they wouldn't have voted that way. They did not realise the impact Brexit would have on the economy."

Mr. Barrows said the issue is with the type of Brexit Theresa May was seeking.

He said her deal was not desired by 17.4 million people.

The UKIP Chairman said the divorce bill, agreeing to be subject to EU regulations during a transitional period and ECJ jurisdiction for eight years, whilst failing to resolve the Irish border issue, all provide very real doubts that the final deal will be anything other than a complete capitulation.