'Kick A Tory Day' was only meant to be a joke, claims the event's organiser.

The controversial event, which has caused quite a stir on social media, is available for people to attend on Facebook. It is scheduled for Christmas Day and is due to be held at Westminster.

Jonny Richard Cosmo Cassidy, the event's organiser, has spoken exclusively to Blasting News and reassured readers that the demonstration is meant in good faith.

"I strongly hate conservative ideology"

"I would like to state that this was clearly a joke event. I never condone any sort of violence.

"Why do I hate the Tories? I won't pussyfoot around and say 'hate is a strong word,' because I strongly hate conservative ideology. I believe it holds no place in the modern world. I have observed the Conservative Party slowly and quietly forcing the shutdown of the Social Mobility Commission. How can a government honestly say it is fighting poverty whilst doubling homelessness?"

Many members of the Conservative Party have reacted angrily to the event. Sophie Tyrrill, the Tory candidate for the Penylan ward at this year's local elections, said: "The lack of tolerance from the left towards anyone who disagrees with them is deeply damaging. In the past, it was the Labour Party that stood up to fascism.

Now their activists are bringing the party's proud reputation into disrepute."

The purpose behind "Kick A Tory Day" is to show Conservative activists that humans can feel pain as much as animals, following the recent vote in the House of Commons over animal sentience.

Many Facebook users have reacted positively to the event. One user said: "Not that easy.

I got no transport availability, but I will be there in spirit."

"Plenty of reasons to kick them"

Another user said: "I'm all for this, except for the event is a f***ing lie. They didn't vote on animal sentience. Plenty of other reasons to kick them, let's not be disingenuous."

Mr. Cassidy, who is also a social sciences student, said it is interesting to see the amount of attention the event has received in the past week.

He added: "Only one-hundred people had seen it in the past week. But now, almost a thousand people are responding. I won't lie, my intention was for this to receive as much attention as possible because I'd like for other people to enjoy my jokes.

"The death threats are quite amusing"

"The death threats are quite amusing. Also, people do get wound up as soon as they seen an opposing political agenda getting more attention than their own ideological values."

Cameron Winstanley, a Young Conservatives activist at Essex University, has called on the event to be reported to the police.

Mr. Cassidy, who hopes to go into politics himself one day, said he hopes nobody kicks a Tory on Christmas Day. He added: "The amount of abuse I have received from conservatives is astounding, in the sense it seems the 'liberals' have a much bigger sense of humour than their right-wing equivalents who have been sending violent threats."

Paul Everitt-Clay, an Evesham Conservative activist, tweeted: "I don't want to be kicked on Christmas Day, or any day for that matter.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party should be disgusted with themselves."

He reported the event to Facebook. However, the social media site responded by saying: "Thanks for your report- you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We've looked over the event that you reported, and although it doesn't go against any of our specific Community Standards, we understand that the event or something shared in it may still be offensive to you. We want to help avoid things that you don't want to see on Facebook.

"If you think that we should look at something specific in this event or another event, you can report that exact content instead of the entire event."

Mr. Everitt-Clay later tweeted: "So Facebook have said they see nothing wrong with leaving the 'Kick A Tory' event up. Screenshots below. I am shocked. Please can Facebook users search for the event and report it? I guess they will only respond to that. Maybe also retweet this and tweet them too."