A Labour MP has issued a public apology after one of her activists was caught threatening to bomb a Conservative dinner, claiming it was a joke.

Anti-establishment website Guido Fawkes reported last Friday that Dewsbury County Conservative Association was forced to cancel its annual dinner, due to be held at the National Coal Mining Museum in March.

Police were forced to patrol the museum after hard-left activist Peter Ward, who used to work as an aide to former Batley and Spen Labour MP Mike Wood, bragged on Facebook that the annual dinner sounds like a good opportunity to issue bomb threats.

"It was an unacceptable thing to joke about"

Tracy Brabin, the current Labour MP for Batley and Spen, tweeted on Friday on behalf of Mr. Ward: "You may have missed this... 'Recently I made a stupid remark on Facebook with regard to a Conservative Party fundraiser at the National Coal Mining Museum...' 'I meant the comment as a joke, but realise that it was an unacceptable thing to joke about and I apologise unreservedly.'"

Mr. Ward issued an apology, which was shared on Twitter by Ms Brabin, admitting it was a stupid remark on Facebook with regard to the fundraiser. According to the activist, the Dewsbury Press picked up on his comment. He said it was meant as a joke and he apologises unreservedly.

Following on from Guido Fawkes' disclosure of Mr. Ward's remarks, Dewsbury County Conservative Association issued a public statement in response to the bomb threat: "It's sad that the company organising the event has now decided to cancel the Dewsbury County Conservative Association annual dinner, after initially agreeing to host it, because they can't guarantee their own staff's safety.

"We chose the mining museum as it suited our needs in terms of size and location and we wanted to support what is a great community venture."

"This is not surprising given that the Shadow Chancellor is on record using violent language"

They also published another statement on Twitter, containing their immediate reaction to the story as it broke: "This is not surprising given that the Shadow Chancellor is on record using violent language and suggested lynching a female MP.

This is just yet another example of how vile abuse, intimidation and threats of violence are common place and deemed acceptable behaviour in today's Labour Party.

"If Labour truly wanted to see an end to the cycle of abuse and intimidation, they would take firmer action. Clearly, they see political advantage in violently intimidating those who hold a different point of view."

A Labour Party spokesperson told Guido Fawkes Mr. Ward agrees with them that it was an inappropriate thing to say and that he has been warned about his future conduct.

"Is apology enough- perhaps some contribution from you lot to make up?"

Councillor Simon Cooke, Leader of Bradford Council's Conservative Group, tweeted: "Thing is that, while you had a lovely (Christmas) party, Dewsbury Conservatives didn't.

Because people at your party ruined it. Is apology enough- perhaps some contribution from you lot to make up?'

Tracy Brabin has represented the Batley and Spen constituency since October 2016. She was elected as the Member of Parliament for Jo Cox's former constituency after winning a by-election following her death in June 2016. She won with a majority of 10,000 and her maiden speech referred to Ms Cox as inspirational.

She retained her seat at this year's general election after standing as the Labour and Co-operative candidate and in July 2017, was promoted by Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to Shadow Minister for Early Years, as a result of the resignation of her predecessor, Tuliq Siddiq.

Since taking on her role, she has been an outspoken critic of Education Secretary Justine Greening's policy regarding foster children.

Ms Brabin was an actress and television writer prior to entering politics. She played Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street from 1994 to 1997, Roxy Drake in EastEnders, Carole in Emmerdale and as Lucy Gartside in Holby City.