Despite having hinted at it for years, the American people, and indeed the world, were surprised when billionaire businessman and former star of The Apprentice Donald Trump announced his intent to run for President.

They were even more stunned when, after being written off as a joke candidate by most, 'The Donald' managed not only to be nominated as the Republican candidate, but also beat his opponent Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President on the United States.

Trump's historic election victory was the first time that any non-politician had won the race to the presidency for many a generation.

Though Trump isn't the only one ever

Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States. He was famous the world over, and that was before he even entered politics.

As a Hollywood actor, he appeared in 53 movies before turning his sights to becoming the Governor Of California - a feat that he managed in 1966.

15 years later, he was elected as President and remained in power for most of the 1980s.

More recently, Austria-born actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, also a famous actor, followed in Reagan's footsteps by becoming the Governor of California.

Even if he desired it, however, Schwarzenegger would never have been allowed to sit in the Oval Office, as the American Constitution states that only a natural born citizen of the United States can become President.

Who could be in line for 2020?

Famously, Kanye West announced his intent to run for the presidency back in 2015, and Trump's victory last year only strengthened his conviction.

The announcement from 'Yeezy' was met with a lot of positivity, with many fans thrilled to hear the rapper was going to enter politics.

After a recent meeting with the President, however, it has been reported that, after a productive discussion, West will not run against Trump, and instead sees 2024 as the right time for a Presidential run.

More recently, actor and wrestling star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is, according to several reports, "seriously considering" entering politics and a run for the presidency.

In an interview with USA Today, Johnson pointed out 2020 as the most likely time that he would run, but has admitted that there is still a lot to be figured out.

'The Rock' appeared in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch in which he chose fellow Hollywood star Tom Hanks as his running mate, leading to rumours of a Johnson/Hanks ticket in three years' time.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has, on many occasions, strenuously denied he is interested in a presidential run.

Nonetheless, many have observed he has made several moves in recent months that look suspiciously political, such as visiting and making speeches in 'swing states' and hiring pollsters, photographers and other personnel who have worked on the campaign trail with Barack Obama.

Zuckerberg's association with Facebook, however, could prove problematic when it comes to any political ventures. The social media giant has already admitted they sold $100,000 worth of advertising to "Russian accounts" prior to the 2016 election - which is still under investigation courtesy of well-documented corruption allegations.