Nigel Farage and Sir Vince Cable have teamed together to criticise Jean-Claude Juncker's presidency of the European Commission.

During an LBC interview hosted by the former UKIP leader, the Liberal Democrat chief echoed the presenter's views that the European Union (EU) is heading towards further integration.

They were both discussing the recent Brexit deal that the Prime Minister managed to negotiate with Mr. Juncker, but Mr. Farage was surprised to learn that Sir Vince shared many of the LBC presenter's views on the trading bloc.

"The Liberal Democrat Leader said the divorce fee settlement was a disaster"

The Liberal Democrat Leader said the divorce fee settlement was a disaster and agreed that the European Commission President was taking the EU in the wrong direction.

The South-East MEP said the trading bloc was heading towards further integration under Mr. Juncker's leadership. Mr. Farage was taken aback to learn that the Twickenham MP agreed with him and joined the former UKIP leader in condemning the plans for an EU Army and to force all member states to join the euro.

Sir Vince said there were more sensible politicians attempting to thwart the European Commission President's ambitions. The Liberal Democrat Leader believed the UK would fight against Mr.

Juncker's plans for further integration and he refused to provide the European chief with a standing ovation for his attitude.

Sir Vince reiterated that he is not an arch-federalist and believed nation states in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe can play a significant role in stopping integration and help Brussels refocus its efforts on trade.

"The Twickenham MP stressed joining the euro would be a red line for him"

The Twickenham MP stressed joining the euro would be a red line for him.

He said the divorce bill is going to lead to a bad deal for Britain. The Liberal Democrat Leader said that regardless of the final total of the fee, the British people may not like the trade deal both Brussels and Westminster negotiate.

He added regulatory alignment is an attempt to delay Brexit further.

After hearing about Friday's breakthrough deal, Sir Vince tweeted at the same time that the Government was a long way off a final deal.

"The British public, not Conservative or DUP MPs, should have a final say on the outcome"

He hinted the British public, not Conservative or DUP MPs, should have a final say on the outcome.

Labour MP Chukka Umuna joined his Liberal Democrat colleague in criticising Friday's deal, tweeting that it failed to solve the Irish border issue, despite Theresa May's assurances that it does.

Mr. Umuna refused to congratulate the Prime Minister after Mr. Juncker announced both sides had made sufficient progress to reach Phase 2 of the discussions.

Instead, the Labour MP said on BBC Radio 5 Live that whilst reaching this stage is welcome, it should have happened eighteen months ago.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said whilst the devil is in the detail, the option for other parts of the UK to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union should be made available.

Earlier last week, the Liberal Democrat Leader confessed Ireland had more to lose from a bad Brexit deal if they do not compromise over the Irish border.

Speaking on Bloomberg News, Sir Vince called on Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to work with the Government to reach the EU's December deadline for reaching Phase 2 of the negotiations.

The Twickenham MP warned the biggest challenges facing Westminster and Brussels will come next year when both sides must decide what the final trade deal will look like.

He said it is unclear whether the Government wants a Norwegian-style agreement or a Canadian one.

Mr. Varadkar threatened to veto the Brexit talks over the Irish border issue. He wanted a guarantee that the British will not push for a hard border that threatens the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

The European Commission will advise the trading bloc's 27 member states to progress with the second phase of the Brexit negotiations during Friday's European Council meeting.