Brexit MEANS BREXIT, or does it mean breakfast as previously suggested? The government are certainly being eaten alive for breakfast by the EU and the latest setback and revelation inspire little confidence in whomever the PM is because Theresa May is merely a brown paper bag with dog excrement inside, set on fire. Excuse the Americanism but it seems a worthy comparison, the same metaphor could be used for Donald Trump too and he has the hair colour to boot.

Down to the serious business, firstly, Theresa May was undermined by her bosses, the Dup, over the surprisingly good deal she brokered for Northern Ireland.

Her paymasters said no, and of course they would, I mean what public representative represents. Secondly, David Davis admitted there were no Brexit Impact Assessments, despite previously stating there were over 50 of them.

The Northern Irish gamble

Theresa May's dodgy deal with the DUP following the general election looks to be a disaster waiting to implode. Following a decision by May to allow Northern Ireland to be excluded from certain parts of Brexit, notably being able to stay within the Customs Union and the Single Market. She forgot to inform her higher up, Arlene Foster. Who came out and stated they wouldn't support Mrs May over this decision. Despite the deal being a positive step, the DUP insist on using their leverage with Mrs May to blame Irish Republicanism for this offer that would help the Northern Irish people considerably.

This does underline their desire be the ones who have power regarding the talks of power-sharing in Northern Ireland and being able to twist the British government to do your desires, certainly has an edge. Furthermore, they stated they want the same deal as the rest of Britain, except on abortion and equal marriage. Mrs May attempted to revive Brexit but Mrs Foster decided that was not going to happen any time soon.

In another power gamble, Arlene Foster declared that she should have a seat at the negotiating table.

Schrödinger's Brexit impact Studies

David Davis has been adamant for the last year or so that the government had significant Brexit impact studies, boasting they were in excruciating detail and that Theresa May had seen them.

Then came the moment that Labour forced a vote in which they subsequently won, this vote was forcing the government to release them to the relevant committees so that Brexit could receive proper scrutiny across parliament from all parties. However, this week David Davis admitted to the House of Commons Exiting the EU Committee, after questions from Hilary Benn MP, that they did not exist.

This means that it confirms that the government have no idea how Brexit will affect the UK and that they have been conducting negotiations without any semblance of a coherent plan. Consequently, this highlights why Mrs May's negotiating position has changed drastically since she became PM. Since the DUP vetoed the first idea that would've moved on negotiations, Foster and May have both agreed on a compromise, the EU have confirmed that they would move onto the second stage of negotiations.

Brexit omnishambles

Since day one, this has been a mess and no-one who campaigned for Brexit had a plan, just rhetoric about sovereignty, immigration and the commonwealth, basically a hark back to the 'good old days' of the British Empire. Comparatively, the European Parliament have 47 of their own Brexit impact studies from a wide range of experts which are available to the public online and this even includes a section on the impact of Brexit on the UK and the UK's relationship with Ireland.

It has taken the UK government around 8-9 months to agree to what was being touted by the remain camp before the EU referendum over the divorce bill and citizens rights, furthermore, there is no real clarity over what is going to happen to Northern Ireland.

Mrs May has seemingly agreed to what the DUP want and what the people want, which significantly differs. Michael Gove has since said that if the public don't agree with the Brexit deal then they can vote for change at the next election but that wouldn't be until beyond the date we leave the EU, his wording almost suggests that there will be another election before March 29th, 2019. If this is the case, then it clarifies even further that the Conservatives are trying to preserve themselves over getting the best deal for the country.