US President Donald Trump has been criticised today for “politicising” last night’s terrorist attack in New York, where a suspected Muslim immigrant named Sayfullo Saipov drove a truck through a crowd of people in lower Manhattan near the 9/11 memorial site. He killed eight people and injured 11 others, including two children. Police shot Saipov in the abdomen and arrested him as he exited his vehicle with two fake guns intended for terror.

Trump has been at his usual anti-Muslim rhetoric, saying that in the wake of the attack, he will be upping the ante on his “extreme vetting” of Muslim tourists and migrants in future.

He has also spoken out against the Democrats, blaming them for allowing people like Saipov to enter the country and orchestrate terrorist attacks, totally undetected.

This is in stark contrast with the President’s response to the Vegas shooting

This response, taking action against Muslims, is in stark contrast with Trump’s response to the Las Vegas shooting recently. That attack was the deadliest mass shooting in American history, but the assailant was a white American man with no religious affiliation, so Trump didn’t have much to say about it. He certainly didn’t politicise that. When it’s banning Muslims, he’ll happily speak up, but after the Vegas shooting, he called the incident “a miracle” and said absolutely nothing about gun control or the NRA. Talk about a double standard. Terrorist attacks are fine as long as they suit Trump’s agenda.