Amid some typical controversies surrounding US President Donald Trump, his Approval Rating has dipped yet again, this time to a nearly all-time low. Gallup conducted a poll on Saturday in order to get new figures on the President’s approval rating from the American voting public. The new rating has shown that Trump’s popularity amongst the American people has taken a dive – yet again.

Trump’s approval rating this time is not quite the lowest it has ever been, but it is close to an all-time low, as the survey shows that his approval rating is at just 35%.

Last week, it was 38%, so it’s gone down from there. This is a really pathetic approval rating. His lowest ever was 34%, so this is at least one point higher than that, but it’s still nowhere near good.

Presidents of recent memory, like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush, have tended to middle at around the 50% mark, as voters from their own party liked them and voters from their opposing party didn’t. That’s generally the way it should be. That’s what democracy is all about. But Trump can’t even maintain the approval of his own party!

Trump’s disapproval rating is near an all-time high, too

It wasn’t enough that Trump’s approval rating was almost as low as it’s ever been – his disapproval rating is almost as high as it’s ever been, too!

So, his approval rating is one single percentage point higher than his all-time low, and funnily enough, his disapproval rating is just one single percentage point lower than his all-time high. The highest it’s ever been was 61%, back in the early days of September, and it’s now 60%.

The Gallup tracking survey that keeps on top of Trump’s approval and disapproval ratings processes its data through the poll results of 1,500 American adults and it acknowledges that its published figures have a margin of error of up to 3% either way, up or down.

Data website FiveThirtyEight counts Trump a little higher on the popularity scale. FiveThirtyEight uses information from all the polls to get a more accurate approval rating and disapproval rating by aggregating the results and taking into account the quality, recentness, sample size, and potential political ideological leanings of each poll.

FiveThirtyEight counts Trump’s approval rating at slightly higher than Gallup at 37.8%, which is 1.2% higher than his all-time lowest rating as counted by FiveThirtyEight. The site counts the President’s disapproval rating at 56%, which is closer to that of other Presidents.

Trump is least popular of all recent Presidents

Even with the leeway offered by the aggregated ratings provided by FiveThirtyEight, Trump is still the least popular President of the United States of recent memory. The way that modern polling works means that we don’t have an approval rating in this style for the likes of Lincoln or Roosevelt or Kennedy, but we can compare Trump’s ratings with that of other recent Presidents, and all of theirs were better than Trump’s on the 274th day of their Presidency.

The closest recent POTUS to Trump’s scored was Gerald Ford, husband of rehab tycoon First Lady Betty Ford, whose score was just 38.4% at this point during his first Presidential term. However, Trump’s is still lower. Gerald Ford is the guy who pardoned Richard Nixon for Watergate, and Trump is still considered to be a worse President than him. That would take some doing.

Sometimes it’s almost like Trump is trying to be a terrible President, like he wants most of America to hate him. But that’s not true, because he relishes the support he gets from the backwoods hicks who are dumb enough to turn up at his rallies and believe his lies and wear his stupid red “Make America Great Again” hats.