The government are in a complete omnishambles and they no longer have any sense of direction, they also have been failing to spot imminent disasters despite having knowledge of them prior. They have worse foresight than the crew of the Titanic. Michael Fallon resigned because he touched someone's knee 15 years ago, subsequently, that person cared less about the incident than Jeremy Corbyn cares for Trident.

Of course, there is significantly more to the Michael Fallon episode, but that drama has been replaced by a whole new series of monumental disasters befitting that of an episode of The Thick of It or perversely more relevant, House of Cards.

Priti much damned

Boris Johnson kicked off the week with a badly timed and dreadfully delivered 'joke' which could see a British national's jail sentence extended by a further 5 years in Iran. The Foreign Secretary has yet to apologise properly and firmly believes that its just a misunderstanding. Naturally, he has thus far kept his job because holding Conservative politicians to a high standard is an absurd notion under theresa May, she'd rather just rewrite the code of conduct. Then Priti Patel tops Johnson, not literally, by going on a holiday and meeting up with leading Israeli leaders, including their fascist leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. In a bid to secure our relationship with them and divert foreign aid funds to their army, so that they can continue their genocide of the Palestinian people.

The mess is even worse because Theresa May knew about it and even planned it behind Boris Johnson's back, even though that is literally his job. Boris knew nothing of it, then when this came out, Theresa Mays 'office denied all knowledge and proceeded to throw Priti Patel under the bus, but Mrs Patel then dragged May with her by revealing that they had planned it, still with me?

Even after it had come out, Mrs May failed to act properly and allowed Mrs Patel to resign because she is clearly a kind and considerate person. Meanwhile Brexit negotiations are going nowhere, it has been reported in the Telegraph that police are ignoring low priority crimes, these include theft, assault and violence, largely down to the severe public service cuts and Donald Trump is about to start a war with North Korea because why not?

If the Conservatives Party stay in power or a general election hasn't been announced by February next year, that is definitive evidence that this country is no longer democratic and that we live in a society of corrupt leaders. Theresa May is about as useful as an ice cube in a volcano and as William Shakespeare wrote in Measure for Measure, "O! it is excellent. To have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant." The only difference is that Mrs May has little to strength to show despite attempts to be tyrannous within parliament by not taking part in votes they know they will lose.