The Westminster Sexual Harassment allegations have exploded, and this puts severe scrutiny on every party, in particular, Labour and Conservative. International Trade Minister, Mark Garnier, kicked off proceedings when it was revealed that he asked his secretary to buy sex toys and called her "sugar tits". Following the revelation, Theresa May ordered an investigation into whether he broke the ministerial code.

Commons speaker, John Bercow, described the Westminster allegations of a "culture of sexual harassment" allegations of a "culture of sexual harassment" as "disturbing".

Senior authorities' in parliament met to discuss a new helpline to deal with complaints of sexual harassment and abuse within parliament.

From bad to worse

Unfortunately, before anything has been able to begin to be done, the allegations against both Conservative and Labour MPs and members have been coming out. Notably a document was released from the Conservative party that detailed allegations of sexual assault and personal information of 36 MPs. The document has major figures such as Amber Rudd, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, Liz Truss and Michael Fallon (who has subsequently resigned as defence secretary, being replaced by previous holder of this document, former Chief Whip, Gavin Williamson).

Fallon resigned after 'touching the knee' of a journalist 15 year ago, however, this was widely regarded as a moved to deflect the pressure from the more serious allegations.

Labour had already Labour had already suspendedi Jared O'Mara Jared O'Mara over previous misogynistic and homophobic views, however, were further rocked by allegations that Bex Bailey had been raped at a party event in 2011 and subsequently set up an independent inquiry into the allegations. Kelvin Smith has also been suspended from the party pending an investigation over allegations he assaulted a young activist.

Prominent Labour MP, Clive Lewis, has been alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman at the Labour Conference this year and what is deeply concerning is that Conservative Whip, Charlie Elphicke, has been suspended from that role after more serious allegations have been passed onto police. Clive Lewis has said that he accepts the need of an independent investigation and that he would cooperate fully but refutes the allegations.

Charlie Elphicke also denies any wrongdoing.

There has been significantly more that has happened since the news first broke and Michael Fallon is the first big scalp, there is also an ongoing investigation into Conservative Deputy Leader, Damien Green. The list of Conservative MPs from the Chief Whips office highlights the lengths parties will go to keep their MPs in line at the expense of other people. Also, there are those who are trying to play down the severity of the issue and these further compounds the feeling that parliament is an old-fashioned, elitist, 'boys' club that is in dire need of reform.