Right before a final Brexit deal is secured into place and Britain begins leaving the European Union, Parliament is set to subject itself to a take-it-or-leave-it vote on the Deal. Rights for citizens, the economic factors, and everything else involved are apparently required to be legislated by an Act of Parliament, according to Brexit Secretary David Davis, so the plan is to deftly trim off all the bullsh*t and go straight into an all-out, everything-or-nothing vote to decide whether or not the deal will be made.

Labour are after a ‘climb-down’

The Labour Party are excited about a “climb-down” in the Brexit deal, but this is worrying some Members of Parliament, who fear that the whole vote will turn out to be a “sham” if renegotiations will not be allowed. Sources from inside the little faction of Conservative rebels (the rebel scum that Darth May is looking to eradicate) who are supposedly sabotaging the Brexit talks have leaked their opinions to the BBC, with one calling the all-or-nothing vote “meaningless.”

Still, the announcement of the Parliament vote is a big deal in the midst of the most divisive political issue in recent British history, since it marks a coming to terms with the Tory rebels and the Labour MPs at a pivotal time during the Brexit negotiations, as these MPs were previously being shunned out in favour of a very Conservative-pleasing Brexit deal.