Leaving the EU continues to dominate the Conservative Party Conference as the Chancellor embraced a positive future for Britain post-Brexit.

Blasting News has reported exclusively from the event as Philip Hammond addressed delegates, vowing to "take back control" from Brussels and ending the UK's part in the European political project.

He said: "The British people voted to leave the EU and we must respect that. They voted for independence over integration, to protect our jobs and strengthen our economy. It is our job to implement it.

Our future will be our own

"Our political future will be our own. There will be no voyage to ever-closer political union."

He said there will be an interim period of two years after March 2019, the date the UK is due to leave the trading bloc, to enable businesses to adapt to a post-Brexit business environment.

He added: "Britain will be safer, stronger and richer. We have a well-lit path and a bright future beyond Brexit. We will deliver a Brexit that works for Britain."

The Chancellor warned that whilst Labour was led by Jeremy Corbyn, they will take the UK to a "back to the future socialist fantasy, ending the hope of a better Britain and threatening our freedom."

Mr. Hammond issued a warning to the Labour Leader, employing the words "bring it on" to challenge their socialist utopia.

He promised party faithfuls that the power of argument and logic will defeat Mr. Corbyn.

The Tory paid tribute to the British economy, saying it is "well-positioned" for the future. He said the UK is a more competitive place to do business than ever before due to a "fourth industrial revolution" that has enabled digital technology to expand to unprecedented levels.

A society that embraces the future

He said that he wants to create a society that "embraces the future." The Chancellor praised Britain's export market, saying it is the second largest exporter of services, which will place the UK in a powerful position to trade with expanding economies like China.

He said from next year, Britain's debt will start to shrink, making a reference to the pro-Corbyn group that propelled the Labour Leader to a more powerful position at this year's general election, Momentum, saying that he does need "Momentum" behind them.

The Chancellor outlined a series of measures designed to help young people expand their skill sets and generate wealth after the UK leaves the EU. He said half a billion pounds will be invested in new technical qualifications and create 3.5 million new apprenticeships. Mr. Hammond said this was about "embracing the future and preparing Britain's workforce for it."

He reiterated his commitment to the Infrastructure Fund that will invest £23 billion in funding to proposed projects like the Northern Powerhouse and the Midlands Engine. In addition, he will fund HS2 with £300 million to enable it to link with the Northern Powerhouse.

The Chancellor said he wants to create a "property owning democracy"

He pledged to extend Help to Buy, the scheme designed to help young people enter the housing market, by funding it with £10 billion through to 2021, aiding 130,000 future aspiring homeowners. The Chancellor said he wants to create a "property-owning democracy."

The Welsh Secretary Alan Cairns repeated the Government's support for a "Brexit that works for everybody" by outlining his support for the Union. He said this is an opportunity to bring all parts of the UK together to achieve a trade deal with the EU.

He condemned Wales' First Minister, Carwyn Jones, for standing "shoulder-to-shoulder" with Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to break up the UK.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said he wants a "common sense approach" to Brexit and urged the SNP to end their political point-scoring in this process. He said he wants to use leaving the EU as an opportunity to enhance Holyrood's responsibilities. He urged the Scottish and Westminster governments to collaborate on this issue.