The world today has significant challenges and as a society we must recognise them. Climate change is one of those challenges however, there are those who still deny the evidence put forward by most of the world's scientists. There has been an increase in natural disasters over the past 10 years, with the deadliest storms and disasters becoming more frequent. Every time something happens it is a reminder that we cannot continue to consume at the current rate.

Within last few weeks we have seen natural disasters of flooding and mudslides in Niger, India, Sudan, Uganda, USA, and Sierra Leone.

Unfortunately, the media focus has been on the US and Donald Trump's response to the flooding in Houston.

Severe flooding around the world

Donald Trump did respond by saying that the flooding in Houston was a 1 in 500 events. But the severity of the flooding has steadily increased year on year. The Texas state authorities have stated that 1000 homes are damaged and there have been at least 5 deaths in the Houston area. Spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers has stated, "This flood event will exceed the 2016 Tax Day flood elevations."

Uganda has seen deadly flooding in the north region, which has left 2000 displaced and at least two people missing. Heavy rain has also affected the west side where a landslide occurred and this is left at least one-person dead.

Furthermore, there has been heavy rain in Sudan that has displaced several families and destroyed over 100 houses. It was reported that India was hit with severe flooding on the 29th of August and at the time it was confirmed that at least five people would dead or missing. Due to the severity of the flooding, a building has collapsed in Mumbai with seven confirmed as deceased, multiple injuries at least 30 to 45 people were trapped.

In Niger, there has been severe flooding in their capital that has seen thousands of families made homeless, at least 219 homes destroyed and 2 confirmed deaths. The worst disaster occurred in Sierra Leone, which saw mudslide devastate the capital leaving approximately 400 dead and 3000 homeless. The disaster itself raises serious questions about deforestation and its effects on the local ecology Sierra Leone's ability to prevent worse natural disasters in the future.

This flooding is not a coincidence and it is certainly not some kind of punishment from God. One far-right commentator -right commentator insinuated that the Houston flooding was because they elected a homosexual mayor. Rather than recognise the severity of climate change. The other issue is that the UK and Europe fail to recognise how severe the problem is because flooding on this scale is not as frequent in Europe as it is elsewhere. However, a report by the European Environment Agency has stated that flooding in Europe will increase fivefold by 2050.