There is an inherent belief within the human psyche that we are incredibly intelligent and above other Species on the planet. Yet, humans have been direct or indirect causes of many of the extinctions since we took our first steps on this planet. Scientists have been warning for years that human activity will bring forward the 6th mass extinction of life on earth sooner than it theoretically should.

Humans are innately stupid and the sooner we realise this, we can begin to sort out the mess we have made of this planet. If you study history, you will understand that humans have made countless and highly destructive mistakes.

Human stupidity and a God-like complex

Other species live within nature itself and only take what they need but humans used their guile to build grand machines and technology to make life either more interesting, to live longer or to dominate other species. Working as a collective has always benefitted mankind, whether it was killing animals that were larger and stronger than ourselves or building a society to rule over nature itself. Humans have developed a God-like complex, where as a species we think ourselves above nature despite countless warnings through natural disasters.

This makes humans stupid because once we have gotten to a point where we believe that we are masters of our destiny so-to-speak, we began to turn on ourselves.

This sped up the development of technology through more sophisticated ways to kill each other. We created deities to justify our actions and created different ‘races’ and ‘ethnicities’ to divide ourselves, but for what purpose? The simple action of control, those who craved wealth, power and domination began dividing themselves from other humans to claim that their ‘bloodline’ or belief was better than others.

Humans have created massive cities and technological advances that allow us to go into space, which is a miracle on its own. But within that time, we have destroyed and reshaped the face of this planet, this has had a profound effect on habitats and the ecosystem, which is currently surviving but it will not survive forever. Humans are stupid because we divide ourselves for no reason, destroy our home and allow ourselves to be controlled by self-professed ‘elites’.