Both sides of the ideological spectrum, left and right-wing, find ways to place blame on each other for the issues we face in the world. But the divisions within Society can be attributed to the creation of terminology such as capitalism, socialism, Marxism, neoliberalism and so on. The Conservatives constantly blame socialism for the woes in Venezuela, when this is factually inaccurate and whilst Labour puts the blame for issues within the UK on neoliberalism.

Why does society polarise Ideology to such an extent that it does? If an individual identifies as socialist then opposition argues they are entirely opposed to capitalism, and vice versa.

Except, ideology doesn't fit a single narrative, it cannot be simplified into one category or the other.

The UK and Venezuela

The supposed socialist state of Venezuela saw a rise in private economic activity between 98 and 2011, 69% to 71% and significant public services are also run by the private sector, such as food distribution. If you use a similar time frame, according to the Daily Mail, from 97 to 2011, the Public Sector spending in the UK grew from 40 to 53.4 percent, although Trading Economics had this at 48 percent of GDP.

Even now the UK public sector spending has been significantly reduced but is still 42.1 percent to GDP, higher than Venezuela yet the UK does not call itself a socialist state.

Rhetoric has been allowed to flourish as to what is to blame for Venezuela and how socialism can damage the UK economy, both are based on lies perpetuated by those who see themselves as elite.

Every ideology is mixed

However, socialism by itself wouldn't fix the issues, much like capitalism by itself does not work. Ideology is not as simple as left or right by in large, because those on the right no matter how extreme, often feel attached to national heritage.

Both the extreme left and right use some kind of nationalist narrative, the NHS often being that similarity.

Even fascism, a far-right ideology, has a few left-wing roots such as government funded education. Although, let's not mistake it for a left-wing ideology. Even Communism, far-left, has right-wing aspects of censorship.

Every single ideology, no matter the extreme has a mix of some kind. The only difference is that the more polarised or extreme your belief, the less mixed it becomes. Fascism is far-right and Communism is far-left.

We have simplified ideology to a point that has increased divisions within society, even those supposedly on the same side. But the reality is that most people have the same hopes and fears as each other.