YouGov has recently conducted a poll to see which politician the Conservatives of this country want leading their party. It seems that very few want Prime Minister Theresa May to remain in power after the catastrophic embarrassment of this year’s snap general election, the purpose of which was to secure a bigger majority for the Tory party and they ended up losing their majority altogether.

The poll has shown that Boris Johnson is the favourite to replace May with 23% of the poll, with Ruth Davidson and Jacob Rees-Mogg close behind with 19% and 17% of the poll, respectively.

But the poll wasn’t just about who will take over as the leader of the Conservative Party. Conducting the poll for The Times, YouGov also figured out other Tory issues.

Labour leader isn’t a concern for the Tories

The poll has also shown that members of the Conservative Party aren’t worried by the rise of the popularity of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. According to the figures, eight out of every ten Tories believe that Corbyn is not likely to ever become the Prime Minister, leaving just two who are worried about him. So, the Conservatives are the ye of little faith of this little folklore tale of sorts. We’ll see how the next few years pan out, maybe they’ll lose hope in their own party.