North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently tested his most powerful nuclear weapon yet – more powerful than the nuclear bombs that the US used to devastate Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Second World War – and another is on its way soon.

Right as Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out in China to say that military measures against North Korea is a waste of time that will lead us into a “planetary catastrophe” with an astronomical death count, US President Donald Trump has added even more heat to the already-boiling pot by making a huge nuclear arms deal with South Korea.

South Korea haven’t had US nuclear weapons since the 1990s

There haven’t been US nuclear arms based in South Korea since the 1990s, and they’ve often turned the proposition down since then. But Trump has now made a deal with the leader of the South, Moon Jae-in, to remove the limitations on the size of the South’s nuclear warheads. Ever the businessman, Trump has made a deal to sell the South “many billions of dollars’” worth of nuclear weapons and equipment from the American inventory.

South Korea hasn’t confirmed anything with regards to using US military capabilities yet, saying that they are going to “review all available options" in terms of a military response, but in any case, according to Putin, this is a very bad idea.