The EU Withdrawl Bill is getting its second reading either today or tomorrow with David Davis asking MP's to back it. David Davis has warned of "chaos" when the UK leaves the EU if MP's from whatever party does not give the bill a yes vote.

Mr. Davis has said MP's should acknowledge the will of the British people and back the bill. Labour, however, along with other MP's have some reservations about the bill and so have said they will vote against the bill in its present form.

Labour has stated it respects the will of the British people but the bill in its present form is not right.

Jeremy Corbyn has called this present bill a "power grab" and it is understandable why he thinks this.

Henry VIII powers

The bill has been given the above name because it resembles a statutory law that the Tudor monarch used as a tool to push through a whole raft of policies through parliament. Henry was in many ways a dictatorial and despotic ruler, though how fair is it to draw comparisons with his time and ours is unknown. Obviously, with any by-gone era, there will be similarities to our time now but there will also be sharp differences.

How ever you see the from the Withdrawal Bill, it is apparent that the government wants to get on with withdrawing the UK from the EU.

Those other parties who want to throw a spanner in the works upon this bill's second reading are not against Brexit as such.

They would back the bill if it had amendments, which is what Labour suggested in the beginning.

Of course, there will always be those that are dyed-in-the-wool remainers and fear for the UK's future outside of the European Union.

Remainers carrying out the will of the people

Many people in Theresa May's cabinet were against the UK leaving the EU but find themselves doing something that is quite abhorrent to them.

That is having to see through Brexit and indeed Theresa May herself was a leader, now getting on with the job of leaving the EU.

The EU Withdrawl Bill will bring to an end the 1972 Act which saw the UK become a member of the European Economic Community or EEC. That was what the European Union was called back then when it was a trading bloc and perhaps back then no one foresaw the march to being a United States of Europe.

That is perhaps what turned many in the UK against the EU as they saw the plans for making EU members into one state. With talk of one European navy, army and air force and rule by Brussels some in the UK decided enough was enough.

But others liked what they saw and agreed with the EU becoming eventually one super state but on the day of the referendum, the leavers pipped them to the post.

Whatever happens to this current bill, like it or not the UK is leaving this block of nations. What the fate of our nation will be outside of the EU after 2019 is anyone's guess.