It is becoming almost a weekly event, the world dragged to the edge of a precipice by the young dictator of North Korea, and everyone is asking when will he push us all over?

Sirens over Japan

This morning Northern Japan was woken just after 6 am, not by birdsong, but by the sound of wailing sirens. In a grave and unprecedented threat, North Korea launched a Hwasong 12 missile which flew over the country to land some 700 miles off the coast in the sea. In response to Kim's continuing brinkmanship, Donald Trump said late morning before flying to a flood devastated Houston, that "all options were on the table", as Kim was a grave and growing threat to the world.

In an immediate response, South Korea sent a squadron of F15 fighters to drop bombs south of the DM Zone, while deep in the middle of the yearly round of manoeuvres with the joint US forces. Even as the dust was settling and nerves were being soothed, Kim was reputed to be preparing yet another imminent launch.

Why is he doing this?

The only man that can answer that is Kim, and he is saying nothing. Psychologically he is leading his nation to destruction, and he knows it but is probably unwilling to admit it to anyone - probably not even to himself. One, of course, is left wondering where is he getting all the money to launch these missiles? 20 this year alone, far more than his father did during his entire time in office.

Due to restrictive UN sanctions his capacity to export fish, coal, etc are now negligible, while his own country barely produces enough goods and produce to feed and clothe itself. So, where is the money coming from? He does not wish to enter into dialogue with anyone, not even his allies; who have most certainly been spooked by these continuing antics.

While having violated every UN security resolution placed on him he cares little for censure or what other leaders think, considering that he has threatened both Israel and the UK with fiery retribution at some unspecified point in the future.

The situation is now becoming critical. Every world leader knows that this state of affairs cannot continue indefinitely.

It would only take one of Kim's missiles to crash, become involved in a mid-air collision, or veer off a casually plotted course to have the most catastrophic of consequences. Punches on either side would not be pulled, no quarter would be expected or given, and the only victors the carrion crows who will be left to feed on the dead.