Oh, what another fine week in the land of Trump - even if the spectre of his maybe, or maybe not, Russian involvement, still plagues him. Even if he has slapped his LBGT supporters a hefty one in the face. Even if he appears to be retreating behind a military wall of defence so the USA could slide towards some military junta, and even if a Grand Jury investigation looks like it could be in the pipeline: there is still vacation time to look forward to.


For a man who promised on the campaign trail that he would not take holidays or leave Washington during his tenure for personal business, he has certainly enjoyed himself in the six months since settling in at the White House, - a place he swears is a dump; no doubt because of the lack of gilding.

So far he has clocked up 59 days overall, staying at his own properties, and a remarkable 44 days playing and staying on Trump golf courses. Strange behaviour for a man who openly castigated Barack Obama for doing far less while in office! He has now left the capital with half the immediate family in tow for yet another of his exclusive golf resorts for a 17 day, "working holiday". It would also appear that there is a total exodus from the West Wing underway and will be cleared of all personnel for the next few weeks in order that the antiquated heating system can be replaced

Climate Change!

True to one of his many ill-thought out slogans, 'Trump Digs Coal,' just before he jetted off on Air Force One the president served notice to the United Nations that America would officially withdraw from the Paris Climate change agreement.

Like Brexit in the UK, there is a considerable wait until the exit becomes official, not until November 4, 2020, in fact, the day after the next Presidential election!

Everyone involved has said that the move is most regrettable considering the world is still heating up (consider the temperature soar through much of Europe this past week) and that the task to cool it down needs America's full support.

Trump meanwhile has said that the position of the USA is still negotiable as long as it is favourable to US interests, to its workers, businesses, and taxpayers. A statement which no doubt gives hope to the embattled coal miners of West Virginia who need to revive their failing industry.

A UN spokesman lambasted the President for being basically out of touch and unaware or at least choosing to be unaware, of the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas and promote global security. Trump has yet to respond, he is on vacation of after all.