Today, US President Donald Trump and Russian President vladimir putin officially sat down together for the first time (that we know of) as they were both in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit. Reporters were only allowed in for a brief period of the meeting and then asked to leave when it came to the time to talk about shady stuff that they didn’t want the fake news media to catch wind of.

According to Putin, he and Trump discussed the situation in Syria, which would’ve been heated since Trump hates Syria and hates the Assad and has ever since Syrian President Bashir al-Assad used chemical weapons to slaughter a bunch of his own people, including children.

However, Putin is conversely all for Syria and loves the Assad.

They also talked about the Ukraine situation

Putin also said that Ukraine was discussed. Yesterday, Trump accused Putin of destabilizing Ukraine, so that would’ve been equally heated as Trump would’ve had to put his money where his mouth is. Also discussed were the topics of counter-terrorism measures and cybercrime (interesting, since it’s cybercrime that Russia is accused of using the tamper with the results of the US Presidential election and getting Trump into office).