Donald Trump, Jr. is in a lot of hot water at the moment. It’s come to light that during his father’s Presidential campaign last year, he went to see a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya with the intention of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton’s campaign to use against her. This furthers the rumours that President Trump is in cahoots with the Russian government and has been since his campaign, when they worked together to smear Clinton and tweak the election result.

No evidence of link to DNC email link

For starters, the new information does not contain any evidence (yet) that the Veselnitskaya meeting and the supposed scandalous information about Hillary Clinton that Trump, Jr.

thought the lawyer was going to give him have any correlation or links with the thousands of emails on servers from the Democratic National Committee that got leaked after the Russian government hacked into their computers.

The meeting between Trump, Jr. and Veselnitskaya took place just days before the Russians were revealed to have hacked the DNC’s servers. The intelligence agencies of the United States are dead certain that the Russian government played a hand in swinging the result of the Presidential election in Trump’s favour.