Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair appears to have changed his idea about Jeremy Corbyn being the next Uk Prime Minister. A year ago he admitted the thought of Jeremy Corbyn being Prime Minister was laughable, but not anymore.

In an interview with Newsnight Blair states that he has changed his mind because of Corbyn's stupendous performance in the general election. Blair readily admits he thought electing the left winger as leader of the Labour party was unwise. Nonetheless, he thinks the chances of Jeremy Corbyn being Prime Minister is now very likely.

This does not mean that Blair likes Corbyn or his brand of politics but concedes Corbyn is in a pivotal position now to be the next Prime Minister. He also stated he feels sorry for Theresa May but she is where she is and Brexit is going to happen, like it or not.

Blair said Corbyn if he does become the next occupant of No 10 should not unleash far left policies in the UK. Blair went on that it is always better to start in the centre of British politics probably recalling his own time in government.

John Mcdonnell says Blair finally gets it

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell like Corbyn is from the far left of the party and is certainly no friend to Blair. However, McDonnell has conceded that Tony Blair finally gets what this new Labour party is about under Corbyn.

It seems for the foreseeable future the right of the Labour party is under siege from followers of Jeremy Corbyn.

As was stated on BBC1's 'This Week' to guest Ed Balls Corbyn is shaping the Labour party in his image. Just as Blair in his time brought the Labour party to where he thought it should be politcally.

Corbyn has a huge fan base of young supporters who have been galvanised by his politics of hope and anti-austerity.

If a general election were called today Jeremy Corbyn - if polls are to be believed - would romp to victory. Blair must wonder what has happened to the world he once inhabited where Labour was on the right and the UK was firmly in the EU.

A week, as they say, is a long time in politics and if Nigel Farage delivered an earthquake to British politics so has Jeremy Corbyn.

Newsnight interview with Tony Blair

Tony Blair's exclusive chat to the BBC politics programme will go out on July 17 at 10.30pm on BBC 2. It looks like the interview will be candid and frank and should be well worth a look. Tony Blair has been out of politics for years now but he said at some point he would make a comeback.

The comeback, however, was not a return to frontline politics as some pundits thought but as a casual observer. Certainly, Blair said he wanted to found a group to challenge Brexit and told all remainers to join him in this enterprise.

Ex-politicians like Tony Blair and John Major will remain observational figures on the stage of British politics for while to come, it seems.