The Telegraph newspaper were right. The case of Bradley Lowery "captured hearts around the world". But as we delve into this devastating story, certain questions do need to be asked. First of all, what happened to Bradley? Second of all, what did the public's reaction to Bradley's case show to the world? And finally, where do the family and the public all go from here?

The story broken down

First of all, the question of what happened? On the 7th July 2017 Bradley Lowery, the six year old boy, died from cancer, as The Sun newspaper reported. It was a form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

Although Bradley had battled the disease "for most of his young life", it was revealed that the six-year old had beaten the cancer once. However, it came back in July 2016. Although doing everything they could, it was stated to the parents by doctors that Bradley's cancer was "terminal". After a brave battle, he died last Friday at 13.35. What is crucial to mention is the impact that he had on those around him, especially his family. As Bradley's funeral was held yesterday (14th July), it was the comments by his mum (Gemma) that was so moving. As reported on the BBC, Gemma said that "he had a smile so big" and that "he left us all too soon". She went on to add that he was "a beautiful star".

The general public

But what was even more impressive and touching was the reaction of the General Public. It is well documented that Bradley formed an incredible relationship with footballer Jermain Defoe. The Daily Mail reported that Jermain and Bradley were "best mates", with a "special bond". As time passed the pair became "inseparable at times".

Such was the impact that Bradley had on Defoe was illustrated clearly by the fact that the footballer broke down when asked about his relationship to the young boy during a press conference unveiling himself to his new football club Bournemouth FC. But further on from this was the impact that Bradley had on the wider public.

And this was demonstrated most significantly by the funeral that was held yesterday. As the Telegraph stated, "thousands of people" lined the streets of Blackhall, County Dunham. Furthermore, whilst some "released balloons", others broke out a "round of applause". It was also the case that many mourners dressed up in "superhero costumes". Due to the large crowds and the fact that most were unable to make it inside the church, "speakers broadcast the funeral service" to those outside, according to the BBC. What this clearly shows is the enormous spirit of the British people. The ability to come together, to support and to show unconditional love are things that make this nation so strong. This was also another illustration that in the face of devastation, the public unite as one.

What was all the more impressive was that, although a terrible tragedy, it seemed that those who attended were keen to make it a celebration of all that Bradley loved, and that in itself is incredible.

What now?

In moving forward, where does the family and the public all go from here? Well what is of paramount is that what happened to Bradley should never be forgotten. And that may be demonstrated in two key ways. First of all, the Telegraph stated that by last Tuesday, more than 41,000 people had signed a petition calling for Sunderland FC to rename one of its stands after Bradley. And secondly the Bradley Lowery Foundation, has or will be set up to raise funds to try and make a difference to others who are suffering from the disease.

It seems like a fitting way to try and, out of all the devastation, to find some good from what happened.

Bradley touched the lives of so many, not just in the UK but from around the world too. For the family, their lives will never be the same. They lost a boy who had such a positive effect on those around and who will never be forgotten.