Theresa May seemed to have it all when she became the new leader of the Tories and Prime Minister. She was riding high in the polls and appeared to have the steely determination to tackle any problem confronting the country. She was the UK's second female leader apparently made in the image of The Iron Lady herself.

Since calling a snap election things have gone terribly wrong for May and her government. With Jeremy Corbyn breathing down her neck and the DUP propping her up life isn't good anymore. The authority she had in Parliament, in her cabinet, and with the British people is gone, and it must be a nightmare for her.

Theresa May seems to be in denial that there is anything wrong and carries on as if she still commanded everyone's respect. It is assumed that Theresa May will not lead the Conservative party into another election, but whatever happens, for now, she must carry on.

Jostling for position

Theresa May will try and stamp her authority on her cabinet, but it seems Cabinet Ministers sense blood and could be waiting their time to succeed her. In the running apparently according to Sky News are Boris Johnson, David Davis and embattled Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Johnson and Michael Gove have been briefing against Hammond and someone in the cabinet has been leaking information to the media.

Will any of the above-mentioned cabinet ministers dare challenge May as Thatcher and Major were challenged in their time?

The EU has always caused splits in the Conservative party, and like a ghost from Christmas past, it still haunts the party

Many of the current squabbles between those who would be Prime Minister and the wider party are between remainers and leavers. It would be interesting to know how much respect for her authority other cabinet ministers have in the circumstances.

Theresa May could by a miracle hold on for a long time, but that would surely be an exception. What damaged May during the election was her robotic appearances, and this has largely determined where she is today.

May and the future

Whether Theresa May carries on for a long time or not the UK is leaving the EU that is certain in 2019.

What comes after that for the UK is unknown, but there are those who like to speculate.

For remainers, it is a nightmare scenario for the UK where our economy will suffer, and our status in the world will be diminished. As for leavers well it will be a golden age of trade with the Commonwealth and also with the USA and China.

All of the above is a pure prediction as neither side can say for certain what will happen once we Brexit the EU. Who ever leads the UK in the future has a hard job ahead of them based on current circumstances that face our nation.