A new survey taken has revealed who is popular and who is not popular among the world's leaders.

The facts

What is interesting, but maybe not surprising, is that Theresa May is not popular. As revealed in the Independent newspaper, May is as Unpopular now as Vladimir Putin in Germany. Furthermore, May is more unpopular in the UK than other European leaders. Whilst her rating is -27, that of French President Emmanuel Macron in +17. German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a rating of +3. What may be of comfort is that she is more popular than Donald Trump.

The UK Prime Minister had a negative rating throughout Europe. The question is why?

The reasons?

It seems that she is disliked both home and abroad. At home her campaign performance was not good. Her policies revealed in the Conservative manifesto drew strong criticism. In addition, it seemed that she did not warm to people. The focus on a 'strong and stable government' did not work as well as she would have like. And abroad, one major problem was her 'bloody difficult woman' comment. It was not only unnecessary but irked a few in the Euro bloc. It set the tone for frosty relations and it seems that May has not recovered since.

Where theresa May goes from here I do not know. But she has made life difficult for herself when in all honestly she really did not need to.