Jeremy Corbyn speaking about the G20 summit that featured Theresa May and Donald Trump getting together said if he were Prime Minister things would have been different. The British Prime Minister and American President met in front of the cameras for approximately 50 minutes discussing various issues with Trump saying after the UK and US would have a significant trade deal.

Although Theresa May said she encouraged Donald Trump to rejoin the Paris climate control deal, Jeremy Corbyn said she did not discuss the planet's future with him. That future was regarding fossil fuels that Trump promised would power America's economy again and create jobs in the rust belt.

Recently Stephen Hawking attacked Trump saying his policy on allowing fossil fuels to be the primary drivers of American industry would push the planet over the edge.

Corbyn said had he been Prime Minister he would have raised the subject of climate change caused by fossil fuels with the President. Corbyn said he would have engaged with Trump and got him to understand that fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal were dangerous to our planet's weather system.

Trump's dilemma

Hate Trump or love him the man it seems unlike many politicians nowadays has stuck to his word about excluding Muslims from certain countries and he said would walk away from the Paris climate accord, and he has. He wished the Paris climate accord to be re-negotiated, but other nations were having none of it.

Trump often cut a lonely figure at the summit as it appears German Chancellor Angela Merkel snubbed him as did other leaders.

When Trump's plane flew out, Trump seemed to be the first American President to be going it alone when it came to climate change compared to other nations at G20. In his election speeches, Trump promised he would make the coal industry live again thus bringing back jobs and prosperity to the rust belt.

Trump, it seemed had to choose between climate change because of fossil fuels or jobs in the coal industry and he chose jobs for the former miners of this industry. Trump has said he believes in climate change but then contradicts himself by what he says and does like on many things.

Trump said would use clean coal for the industry but how non-polluting clean coal is could be questioned.

Trump and Corbyn: Two peas in a pod

There has been much speculation what our relationship would be like with the US if Corbyn did become Prime Minister. Well, for one thing, we would be friends of the US but we would not get involved in military adventurism like the UK along with the US has done in the past.

Corbyn on meeting Trump would tell him what he thought and would not hold back but Corbyn, as is his manner, would be respectful and polite. Trump for his part would also tell Corbyn what he thought and would be the perfect gentleman but for all their differences, politically Trump and Corbyn are very similar.

Both are outsiders and mavericks as can be seen from their past and present performances not caring what others thought.

The one is a left-wing politician who has stuck to be his beliefs for 30 years and the other a businessman and reality tv star not afraid to speak his mind however controversial.

Both Trump and Corbyn although holding diametrically opposing views are really just two sides of the same coin.